The Best Umbrella Brands for Patios

Patio umbrellas are essential for every homeowners’ patio because of their aesthetic and practical benefits. The right umbrella fabric and pattern can add the right ambiance to your patio or outdoor living area, while umbrellas can provide much-needed shade during the hottest days of summer. Here are a few umbrella brands that work great on any patio.

Better Homes and Gardens Patio Umbrellas

Better Homes and Gardens’ umbrellas are a straightforward, low-fuss choice for homeowners searching for simplicity. They are easy to set up, but they come with ample coverage for patio tables. Better Homes and Gardens’ umbrellas are effective, well-designed, and affordable, but be aware that they do not come with advanced features such as UV protection and a base.

Elite Shade Patio Umbrellas

Elite Shade’s patio umbrellas are suitable for use not only in residential homes, but also in hotels and outdoor tables at restaurants. Elite Shade’s fabrics are also designed to be UV-resistant and fade-resistant. With a sturdy aluminum frame and a crank handle for easy folding, Elite Shade’s patio umbrellas are a suitable utilitarian choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting patio umbrella.

Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Treasure Garden umbrellas have a long history of success and exquisite manufacturing attached to their brand name. Treasure Garden’s cantilever and traditional umbrellas are state-of-the-art and equipped with features such as 360 degree rotation, UV-resistant Sunbrella fabrics, and double wind vents. You can find Treasure Garden umbrellas at retailers such as Wicker Paradise.