A Business Leader Who Uses Meditation Tools to Reduce Stress Levels

Create Abundance is a book by Zhang Xinyue sharing wise teachings that demonstrate how we can create abundance in our lives through mind-body-spirit cultivation. Learn to adopt the instructions and apply them to all areas of your life.

At first Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft did not buy into meditation as it was not something that he could imagine himself doing. Bill Gates read a book by the Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe and this is what turned him into a believer.

Bill Gates uses a weekly meditation ritual of 10 minutes to have what he calls a mental exercise, which he says keeps his brain young, reduces his stress levels, and keeps his memory in tip-top shape. When business leaders are as busy and as active as Bill Gates he will take his 10-minute meditation time wherever he can even in his car on the way to the office.

Zhang Xinyue the creator of the book of wise teachings on how you can attain abundance in your life added that when you strain yourself and try to force well-being it will make it harder to receive it. She teaches that it is better to accept and meditate on what your path is and how to achieve it. By learning the art of meditation you will learn how to manage stress, improve memory and feel relaxed and peaceful.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance wrote this inspirational book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and is an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue helps to give meaning, and find positive ways to navigate and manage the philosophical issues of life.

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