Kenneth Arrow’s Theory on Why Fair Voting is Impossible

Article written by Life as a pet In America, the election cycle is elevated to a level that is nearly sacred. The sanctity of the ballet box relies on our ability to trust that we are voting independent of the influence of others. However, fair voting goes one step further: requiring that voters derive sensible […]

Betty Shabazz: The Wife of Malcolm X

By Phineas Upham Betty Shabazz was born Betty Dean Sanders, but her birthplace is unknown. She claimed it was in Detroit, Michigan, but records from the period seem to indicate that she had been born in Georgia. Her father abused her, and the state stepped in to take her from her home when she was […]

First Lady Michelle Obama to Attend Marine Ball With a U.S. Serviceman

Perhaps inspired by the success had by Cpl. Kelsey De Santis and Sgt. Scott Moore, who respectively, got Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis to be their dates for their military balls, Marine Lance Cpl. Aaron Leeks decided to make a similar request to First Lady Michelle Obama. There was, however, one big difference: Cpl. Aaron […]