Why Good Communication Is an Essential Leadership Quality

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At its core, good leadership is not about knowing how to wield authority over your subordinates. Instead, good leadership consists of elements such as knowing how to manage relationships in the workplace, directing people to meet goals and expectations, and providing the support your subordinates need to address challenges and difficulties. All of these tasks require good communication, which makes communication an essential component of good leadership.

As Estate Law Center’s Director of Operations, Kye Giscombe knows how to communicate effectively as the leader of a robust business operation. Kye Giscombe comments, “Communicating effectively in the workplace can be more complex than people anticipate. You’ll have to manage personalities, foster good relationships with your colleagues, and present objectives clearly and concisely. You’ll also need to pay attention to your body language and nonverbal communication. Your colleagues will notice any disconnect between your words and your body language.”

Being a strong communicator is not something that comes naturally to everyone, but it is a skill that anyone can improve with enough practice and confidence. Part of becoming a good communicator is learning how to use words to express yourself effectively, both orally and through writing. The rest of good communication is understanding the people around you and conveying messages in a way they understand best.

Kye Giscombe advises, “You can’t communicate with everyone in the same way. You need to understand the different personalities in your workplace and craft messages that appeal to people in different ways. Some people prefer the use of logic and specificity. Others prefer supportive, emotional messages. Know your message and know your audience before you say anything.”

No workplace can survive on the contributions of only one member. To connect the contributions of many uniquely talented employees, leaders should learn to communicate effectively and collaboratively with all of their subordinates for the company’s overall benefit.