Which Country is NEFT Vodka from?

Despite vodka’s common associations with Russia, NEFT vodka isn’t Russian. Instead, this renowned vodka brand has its roots in Austria, founded by Katya Kuzmina in 2012. Now, NEFT operates out of its headquarters in El Segundo, California, reaching 22 countries and 17 states with its unique and acclaimed vodka.

NEFT vodka stands out for its dedication to craft and quality. It produces small batches of superior rye vodka that is smooth, delicious, and worth savoring straight. Its recipe is deceptively simple, consisting of just two ingredients: non-GMO Old World rye and oxygen-rich mountain spring water sourced from the Rhein River beneath the Austrian Alps.

NEFT’s distillation process is equally meticulous. It employs a copper still, followed by continuous column distillation, to extract the purest spirit, known as the hearts. This process ensures a vodka with a remarkable flavor profile, distinct viscosity, and a luxurious mouthfeel. These qualities have not gone unnoticed; NEFT vodka has been awarded 98 Points by The Tasting Panel and named “Best Vodka” at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Yet, NEFT is more than just a vodka producer. It’s also a lifestyle brand committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. NEFT’s packaging embodies this ethos: the vodka comes in a lightweight, portable, and shatterproof barrel that keeps the spirit cold for up to six hours.

Looking forward, NEFT plans to further reduce its environmental impact by transitioning to renewable energy and using recycled condenser water and dry-farmed grains in its production process.

In conclusion, while NEFT Vodka doesn’t originate from Russia, it has made its mark on the global stage with its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. It is a testament to the fact that extraordinary vodka can come from anywhere, given the right blend of dedication and craftsmanship.