The longest-lasting foam seat cushions

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Are you aware of the different types of foam that can be used for foam seat cushions? Foam cushions may last longer depending on the density of the type of foam they are made from. Density is not the same as a foam’s weight or firmness; it refers to the amount of mass a material has per unit volume.

Foam varieties such as High-Quality Lux Foam or High-Quality HD36 Foam can last for as long as 16 years. Both of these foam types can be used for regular, frequent use because of their high densities, but they have different levels of firmness for people’s comfort needs. Lux Foam has a 50 lb. ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), which means it can be very firm depending on the block of foam’s thickness. HD36 Foam has a 35 lb. ILD, which corresponds to a medium level of thickness.

In contrast, low-density foams such as Poly Foam and Super Soft Foam only last for a few years and are better for occasional use or as additional padding on the borders of a foam cushion. These are cheaper, so if you only need foam material for limited use, they may be a better use of your budget.

But if you want cushions you won’t have to replace for a decade, get the best high-density cushions that money can buy. Browse through The Foam Factory’s collection of foam types for seats and cushions and choose the right kind of foam for your needs. Be sure to contact them by email or phone if you need custom shapes for your cushions.