The green smoothie

Spinach smoothie
Spinach smoothie

Article by Christian Jewelry.

Green smoothies are the latest health fad to hit the internet. Everyone is blending a combination of greens and fruit and expecting miracles. However, unlike other fads, done correctly, green smoothies have many potential benefits. The primary benefit is an increase in the intake of vitamins and minerals from the greens. Sadly, most people do it wrong. Here is how to make a proper green smoothie:

First of all, get a blender and add a cup of iced water. High-speed blenders are the best and any online shop should have one. Now add two cups of greens. Ideally, dark leafy greens are the best as they have high levels of nutrients and also contain magnesium. The darker the green the better. This needs to be blended for a while until the greens are well incorporated.

Now add some vegetables. Usually peeled and seeded cucumber (get a speed peeler from any shopping website), carrot, celery, ginger should all be put in this stage. This is where most people make the mistake. They include only greens and fruit and almost no vegetables. With the amount of fruit some recipes call for, the amount of sugar is extremely high. Blend this until smooth. Some fruit can be added but careful not to do so until it is sweet.

To help improve the absorption of nutrients, add some fat to the mixture. The easiest and most palatable is to add a tablespoon of coconut milk. This is not meant to be a meal replacement, just a healthy boost for your body.


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