The Best Way to Handle Bad Reviews

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If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, you’ve probably gotten some bad feedback or negative company reviews. This does happen and sometimes there’s no way to prevent it. Of course, if possible, contact the individual and try to resolve the issue right away. Negative reviews can really hurt any business and it’s best to manage these issues before they can get out of control.

A number of companies have had to use the services of reputation management firms. This can be expensive but the results are guaranteed. By taking a few precautions, you can often stop people from saying ugly things about your business. Try these suggestions:

Respond right away to negative feedback.

Work with the individual to try and resolve their problems.

Offer unhappy customers a speedy way to provide direct feedback to prevent negative reviews.

Send out requests for reviews to pleased customers and post those right away.

In order to avoid negative feedback, contact unhappy customers immediately. Find out exactly what they’re upset about and fix that situation. Offer store credit or gift cards. Usually, this will soothe adverse feelings and help the individual to be more inclined to provide positive feedback about your company.

If all your efforts fail, then you can hire professionals to have the negative review erased from the web. This can be costly but bad feedback is so damaging to your online reputation so it may be worth it.

Revdex is a new type of online business directory. Users can write reviews for a business, even if there is no existing profile. Business owners can create a custom profile where they can respond to good and bad reviews. Revdex provides a valuable, productive space for consumers and businesses.

What can you report?

Consumers can report internet scams, unprofessional lawyers/dentists/doctors and social media scams. You can also file a complaint about a travel agent . gives you a safe space where your complain can be heard.