Rattan furniture and wicker furniture: Know the differences

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise

Rattan furniture and wicker furniture are both known for providing an elegant, tropical touch to any home they are used to decorate. Both of these furniture types are derived from natural materials, specifically tropical plants such as rattan. Despite their similarities, the techniques used to produce these two types of furniture are quite different, which makes their appearances unique.

Wicker is made by weaving plant fibers together using several weaving techniques. These twists and weaves are spread over a harder frame. The end result is the same intricate patterns you see in many woven baskets. This style fits well in the classic Victorian and bohemian aesthetics. It adds an extra layer of sophistication to any home. However, these woven designs are not as durable as rattan furniture pieces.

In contrast to wicker, rattan furniture is caned, rather than woven. Rather than using fibers from multiple tropical plants to create a wave, the hard parts of rattan plants are steamed, cut, and bent to form the shape of a chair or a sofa. Rattan furniture’s exotic looks are comparable to wicker furniture, but it feels harder to touch because its frame is much stronger. Rattan designs may not be as intricate as wicker furniture, but a skilled artisan can still make attractive shapes out of it. Furthermore, if you prefer furniture that is less high-maintenance, rattan furniture pieces are generally easier to clean and maintain.

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