Knock Out Fat with Boxing

Article by Paleo Forever

There are countless methods for working out in order to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of them can feel like torture or they’re just so boring it takes everything you got to not lose interest, even if you are seeing results. Fortunately, with boxing, you’ll have an easy time sticking with it and looking better in the process.

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For one thing, boxing is great cardio. It’s not easy staying on your toes for two minutes at a time. Every boxer who’s ever lived has relied heavily on jumping rope and, as you do the same, you’ll feel your cardio improve over time.

It’s also an insane workout for the muscles in your body. Try holding your hands up like boxers do for a full round—two minutes—and you’ll see what we mean. Then throw punches over and over and you’ll feel the muscles of your upper body burning.

Boxing is a tremendous core workout too. In order to fire punch after punch, your core has to be activated. Abs are used to throw and pull the punch back so you’ll need to use them over and over again.

Best of all, boxing is never boring. You’ll be learning a sport that could actually come in handy one day in the worst case scenario. Even if you would never throw a punch, it will help you if you just know how to dodge one.

Plus, as it takes two to box, you’ll always have people to work out with and feed off their motivation and support.

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