How the Current Population Feels About Government Intervention

You can often get a good idea of where someone lands on the political spectrum by asking how they feel about government intervention. And because of American citizens’ differing views on government intervention, there is also a mixture of views on interpreting the U.S. Constitution. Historically, there has been a debate between citizens who believe that the Constitution should be interpreted strictly and citizens who prefer a more malleable interpretation that allows the government to intervene more in common affairs.

According to a recent survey by market research company and survey data collector John Zogby Strategies, more people on both sides of the political spectrum have adopted a preference for less government intervention in recent years. The company’s data shows that 60% of respondents preferred a strict interpretation of the Constitution, as opposed to 21% who preferred more government intervention, as allowed by a looser interpretation of the Constitution.

This data comes on the heels of the Biden administration’s passing of new regulations and policies related to issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic, voting, and climate and environmental goals. Furthermore, John Zogby Strategies’ pool of survey respondents is known for having slightly more Democrats, so these survey results may signify independent voters’ desire for less government intervention going forward.

Voter opinions can be transient, changing according to recent developments and issues that become relevant. These results provide an interesting, insightful picture of current sentiment, but it still remains to be seen whether the Biden administration can sway independent voters during a potential reelection campaign.