Choosing a saree according to your body type

7Article by Christian Jewelry.

Most women prefer to do their discount shopping online, as they are short on time. It has also become a trend for Asian women to shop online for their sarees. However, shopping online can mean that you do not get to enjoy the feel of the saree, touch the fabric and understand how it drapes on your body. Here are some tips to ensure that you enjoy the online shopping discount and buy the right saree for your body type.

Tall women – Tall women may complain that they look a lot taller in clothing that is long. However, a saree with a bold print and a heavy border can reduce your height and balance your shape. You should look for sarees in cotton, raw or pure silk or those with lace or net.

Shorter women – Short women should look at sarees that create the illusion of height. Look at sarees in light colors with short borders in vertical prints. Look for sarees in fabrics like chiffon, georgette, shimmer, and silk.

Plus size women – To balance a larger figure, choose dark colors with small print or those in a single shade. Look at sarees in lightweight fabrics that drape with ease. Consider fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe and silk.

Slim women – To avoid looking very slim, it is a good idea to look at large prints with heavy embroidery. Choose fabrics that are heavier and those that create curves. Consider cotton, silk and brocade sarees.


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