Can you drive in the Cayman Islands with your domestic driver’s license?

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car


So you find yourself in the beautiful Cayman Islands. The moment you get off the plane, you want to rent a car so it would be more convenient for you to get around. You find grand caymans car rentals, and you’ve gotten yourself a great deal over a beautiful convertible. But then, you realize that you don’t have a Cayman Islands driver’s license. What do you do now? Are you going to search for a car rental grand caymanwith a personal driver that would cost you way more? To answer the question directly, you will actually be allowed to drive even with your domestic driver’s license when you rent a car. All you need is a visitor’s permit. And the beauty about these Islands is that you don’t have to go to a government agency in order to get a visitor’s permit. You can get it directly from the rental car service. These permits allows visitors like you to be able to rent a car and drive it. These permits are issued with a validity of 6 months for every time you apply for one. However, it’s only valid for your current stay in the islands. If you leave and then fly back to the Cayman Islands even within the 6 month period that the pass was valid for, you will have to secure a new permit. Other than that, however, you’ll find that it’s actually quite affordable to get a visitor’s permit that will allow you to drive here.


Finding acayman islands rent a car doesn’t have to be expensive or frustrating. All you need to do is go online, and you can find these guys right away.