American Idol Contestant Falls of the Stage

The new season of American Idol has started. We are already in Hollywood week and the first show of Hollywood week ended with a shocker! One contestant falls off the stage in a serious fall.

16-year-old Simone Black from Rancho Cucumango, CA who came to the show with her dad, who is her mentor and stage dad sang “Sitting on the dock of Bay.” She did a very good job at it and I think she has a good chance of making thr top 10 this year. The judges asked why she performed this song and she said “She wanted to reach out to an older audience.” Randy replied in a surprise “Are you saying that we are old?”… Simone repliaed “No..” but then it apeared that she was getting dizzy and walked towards the front of teh stage and fell off. Her head hit the ground! The judges were up on their feet in a surprise. The show staff called for a medic. The first show pf Hollywood week ends here, with teh audiance having to wait one more day to see what happens to Simone.

On the next days show, Simone is shown getting up a few mninutes later and someone giving her a soda. Her dad walks her out so they can go to a hospital. Turns out she was dehydrated and did not have enough water and food. Doctor told her that she needs to drink a lot of water and eat.