Is this the right time to start a new business?

Article by The Global Spiritualists Association If every entrepreneur waited for all conditions to be just right, no new businesses would ever get started. In some areas, the economy is still sluggish. Banks can be reluctant to fund new businesses. You can convince yourself that your business would never make it in this economy. And […]

How to Find the Best Deals on Vacation Rental Properties

When people think of taking a vacation, they often think of heading to popular places like Miami or Los Angeles. They also usually think about staying at big chain hotels. Though those are nice, sometimes it’s fun to do something a bit different. Vacation rentals on the San Juan Islands are plentiful. If you’re not […]

Telemedicine for managing diabetes

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL Diabetes is a chronic condition that needs constant monitoring. In-person visits have become inconvenient for most patients as they involve taking time off work, securing childcare, long travel times, and hours spent in waiting rooms. Most diabetics already self-check their blood sugar and/or inject themselves with insulin. Therefore, […]