The Delicious Origins of Fried Cheese

Written by Phin Upham Though chain restaurants like Olive Garden have popularized the idea, not a single one is the true originator of fried cheese. Although, it’s next to impossible to find the true creator. The name is lost to history, but the act of breading and frying cheese is fortunately still alive and well. […]

When it’s necessary for you to rent a car in the Cayman Islands

Written by Andys Rent-A-Car The first rule when it comes to traveling is that you must always stay within your means. In other words, never go beyond your budget! It’s easier said than done, we know, it’s quite easy to lose yourself especially when you’re in a place as beautiful and as luxurious as the […]

Japanese and Chinese Sweet Potatoes

This article was written by Phineas Upham The sweet potato is one of the most important crops in the natural world. It’s a root crop that nurtures millions of people all over the world, and it clues food historians into how humans manipulated crops to grow. We believe, for instance, that the sweet potato likely […]